Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

Wow, this is going by fast…chemo treatment #5! It was a little bumpy getting started. My counts are still low, I am having a higher heart rate and also having shortness of breath. Thankfully, my oncologist came by to see me and thought I was suffering from dehydration (I drink 100oz of water a day…how can I be… Continue reading Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear


Expecting the Unexpected

I have begun to expect the unexpected over the last few months, really for the last several years. This week continues to be no different. My chemo appointment on Wednesday was also with my oncologist and I was told that my white blood cell counts were getting low. I was not expecting that! Usually that doesn’t… Continue reading Expecting the Unexpected

The Beginning – Part 3

So, I found out that I have cancer two days before Christmas. Still don’t know what kind or what stage. For all I know, I could be eaten up with it. I have to have an MRI and of course, I have to wait. My MRI was finally scheduled for December 29. They needed to… Continue reading The Beginning – Part 3

The Beginning – Part 2

Waiting… Have I said how hard the waiting is? The longer we waited to have answers, the more fearful we got. All I could ask, is for people to pray for God’s peace. Finally on December 23, I couldn’t take it anymore. I did not want to go through Christmas without any answers. I called my doctor… Continue reading The Beginning – Part 2

The Beginning – Part 1

Many have asked me how I found the lump and the process I went through. I didn’t think it would be hard for me, but writing it down feels like I’m reliving it all over again. The next few posts are longer, but there is so much I wanted to share of my story. I am… Continue reading The Beginning – Part 1

Cycle 1…Check!

Cycle 1 is complete and it is going by fast! I will repeat this cycle 3 more times and then they will change my chemo regimen. This morning as we were waiting to be called back for chemo, we were surrounded by the elderly, and it was comical. I had just been chastised by my husband that I… Continue reading Cycle 1…Check!

Chemo, Lunch and Wigs

What a busy day! I had a hot date with my love, that included chemo, lunch and wig shopping. Don’t be jealous. It started off with my second shot of poison. (That’s what I like to call the chemo.) I only was given Taxol today and was spared the Carboplatin. I’m hoping the side effects won’t be as… Continue reading Chemo, Lunch and Wigs

First Day of Chemotherapy

January 13, 2016 Since this will be my first post, I want to start out with a prayer. I think that it is am important to do when you are starting something new. My Heavenly Father,  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach out to others. I want this blog to touch the hearts of those who do… Continue reading First Day of Chemotherapy