Chemo #11 – Last day of Carboplatin and Taxol

Whoo Hoo!! Last Wednesday, I finished the Carboplatin and Taxol! Since my body responded so well, I don’t have to make up the one I missed. I am a happy girl right now!

I get this week off, which couldn’t have come at a better time. The last few weeks have been my hardest yet. I have felt every bit like a cancer patient. I have ran fevers and have felt really crummy.  I have also been very emotional, which I assume is because I am going through menopause. (A not so lovely side effect from chemotherapy.) Any good days I have, I make sure to enjoy with my family. It’s not easy to have my body feel like this. I can’t even walk to the mailbox without feeling out of breath. Imagine trying to play with a five year old. I keep telling myself this is all temporary and I will feel back to normal one day.

Next Wednesday, I will start my new chemotherapy and I am quite nervous about it. I have heard it is tough. I may even lose my fingernails and toenails. Yikes! The Nuelasta I will take to help my immune system causes even more bone and joint pain. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

 I thought I would celebrate the ending to the first chemotherapy regimen by letting you in on my wig shopping. I completely forgot I promised pictures and I laughed all over again looking back on them. I took my Mom, sisters and niece Candace with me the first time to make sure I picked a good one.  That was a pretty hard task as you will see why. I didn’t want to leave my Love out so I had to take him again. I did pick out two wigs, so it was successful. Hope you enjoy!

I got a lot of thumbs down from Levi



My face says it all!


Ro liked the short hair
Seriously, who would pick this?


I feel like I’m in high school again!


No, just no
My Disney princess look
What a mess!


Jonathan’s favorite…Annie!





2 thoughts on “Chemo #11 – Last day of Carboplatin and Taxol

  1. Yay! I am SO glad you have finished with the Carb & Taxol! Continuing to pray for you.
    I love the pictures of wig shopping. You are absolutely beautiful with or without a wig! Love you, my sweet friend!


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